Flow-Thru Parts Cleaning Brushes


Flow-Thru Parts Cleaning Brushes improve upon the standard design of parts cleaning brushes that has been the same for many years. Flow-Thru Brushes feature a unique design that transfers liquids from container to application for more effective parts cleaning. These brushes feature tapered bristles that are water and alkaline resistant. Flow-Thru brushes resist swelling and softening when used with oil, solvents and most acids. Choose from six separate and distinct brush heads that fit any of our handle assemblies.

Brush Handles & Assemblies

Handle & Hose Assembly

Flow-Thru Brush Handle

This assembly consists of a hand-contoured handle and neoprene 30" hose fastened together in an assembly ready for attaching the brush head of your choice. Choose from six separate brush heads that fit any Flow-Thru Brush handle.

Handle with Shut-off Valve & Hose Assembly

Flow-Thru Brush Handle with Shut-off Valve

This assembly features the same design as the FTHA-100 assembly, plus a convenient shut-off valve to control the flow of cleaning fluids. The shut-off valve is conveniently positioned on the handle to adjust fluid flow. This assembly accepts any of the six Flow-Thru brush heads for your specific application.

Brush Heads

Premium-Quality Brush Heads

These brush heads feature the same premium quality that has been the traditional hallmark of this brush series. Both heads are interchangeable for either Flow-Thru brush assembly. Both can be ordered as separate parts allowing the user to replace worn out heads without the need to replace the handle/hose/shut-off assembly.

Premium Quality Flow-Thru Brush Heads

Economy Brush Heads

These economy brush heads serve as an inexpensive alternative to Flow-Thru premium-quality brush heads. If you require a brush head made from some other material, please contact us.

Economy Flow-Thru Brush Heads

Brush Head Description FTHA-100 FTHA-200 NFT-HP-100
FTA-02-FTGS Flow Thru, Tampico fill, straight handle FTHA-100-TS FTHA-200-TS N/A
FTA-02-ETGB Flow Thru, Tampico fill, bent handle FTHA-100-TB FTHA-200-TB N/A
NFT-01-GS Traditional, Tampico fill, straight handle N/A N/A NFT-HP-S
NFT-01-GB Traditional, Tampico fill, bent handle N/A N/A NFT-HP-B
FTA-01-SSSRD Stapled round-head, straight handle FTHA-100-RDS FTHA-200-RDS NFT-HP-RDS
FTA-01-SSBRD Stapled round-head , bent handle FTHA-100-RDB FTHA-200-RDB NFT-HP-RDB
FTA-01-SSSRT Stapled rectangular-head, straight handle FTHA-100-RTS FTHA-200-RTS NFT-HP-RTS
FTA-01-SSBRT Stapled rectangular-head, bent handle FTHA-100-RTB FTHA-200-RTB NFT-HP-RTB